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I am deeply saddened to inform you of the sale of to an undisclosed party for the amount of $5,000US. Pingywon and morning_wood will continue to update the site for the next three months, until control of the domain is transferred. It is always a pity to lose an active member of the scene, and I wish nothing but the best for my friend xIllwillx, and I'm sure the rest of the community joins in my sentiments. Thanks for all you contributed, guys!


A flaw in Sun Microsystems' plug-in for running Java on a variety of browsers and operating systems could allow a virus to spread through Microsoft Windows and Linux PCs

PETCO settles Federal Trade Commission action over a security hole on it's e-commerce site that left as many as 500,000 customer credit card numbers exposed


Handbook of Information Security Management shell/hosting servers) has been shutdown due to a DDOS. Got to love them kitties

Port Reporter Parser Provides a GUI for Parsing Port Reporter Logs


BlueMonger is a demo application for advanced smart phones running Java with support for the Bluetooth API. It will poll for Bluetooth devices in the near vicinity, list those devices and post their discovery to your weblog via XML-RPC. These posts will link back to so that you can see by the referrers if other people with weblogs have passed by the same device. If you don't know what that meant, you probably don't want to try this application.


Port Reporter is a M$ Windows service that logs all port activity including PID to port mappings and a dump of all DLL's bound to a port. While this may eat up a bit of disk and CPU, this data could help track down backdoors, trojans, rootkits, etc. Here's a snippet from telnet-ing to a netcat listener on port 3333:

date,time,protocol,local port,local IP address,remote port,remote IP address,PID,module,user context

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